About Me

I think good taste is one of the most important traits in a person. I consider sharing a meal with someone as an intimate experience. I believe art is audacity but that great art is both audacity and intentionality combined. I believe Harlem has contributed to the world in a way no other neighborhood has. I smoke cigars often, weed rarely and I prefer a good glass of whiskey neat over Hennessy. (unless it’s a henny coolata). I once spent two years going door to door in the south and have some of the craziest stories from my experiences. I’ve always been a calculated risk taker. I once found myself in a high speed police chase attempting to take a date to meet her favorite stripper. In 2010, I went from being broke to having the number one record in the world in 6 months. My biggest honor is that people have been willing to follow me across state lines, sometimes international state lines for a vision to uplift and create. I'm a work in progress. I created this website to share more than social media outlets or streaming services make room for and I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and look around.